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Animation (MA)

Experimental Animation


The works in progress of students on the Experimental Animation pathway visualise the developmental processes of their creative and critical thinking, research skills and expanded discipline expertise. In this year's WiP, students are challenging the boundaries of traditional animation and moving image in their practice in aesthetic expression, variation on (non-)narrative forms and representation. Others pursue interests in exploring analogue media, alternate screen platforms, adventures in perception or installation and exhibition. Some are engaging with expanding film genres or with important contemporary issues of our times, and with unseen, but felt, personal experience or speculative and imagined 'worlds', others treat love, loss and regret with sensitivity.

2D animationAbstractAbstractionAI EthicsAnimationBodybutterflyConceptualConsciousnessDrawingEmotionExperimentalExperimental filmExperimental ProcessFantasy And The Surrealhand drawnHapticHumanityIdentity And BodyMaterialityMemoryMoving imageNarration / StorytellingNarrativepeacefulPoeticPoetryPost-InternetPrintProcessReality And ImaginationsketchbookstoryboardStorytellingSubjectivitySurrealSurveillance And PrivacySystemsTactileTexturethe end of the worldTranshumanismviolence
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