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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Critical Practice


Artists in the Critical Practice pathway have a focus on exploratory and research driven practices. Working in a responsive, dialogical, critical environment with an emphasis on wider socio-political issues, the students in Critical Practice interrogate art production in relation to urgent socio-political contexts, both questioning and redefining practice. Ideas and themes including performativity, gender(ing), identity, critical race theory and decolonial issues are highlighted and examined in the works-in-progress here, that span across mediums, from coding to works in video, sound, and text.

Anne Duffau, Pathway Lead, Critical Practice

Please also join us on the 5th of February for our CAP event 'So, There's This WiP Show...' featuring guests: Joshua Citarella, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Taiwo Ogunyinka, and Lawrence Lek. Register to attend here.

Instagram: @rca_criticalpractice

Study Contemporary Art Practice at the RCA:

5 February 2021
15:00 (GMT + 0)

So, There's This WiP Show...

Featuring guests: Joshua Citarella, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Taiwo Ogunyinka, and Lawrence Lek
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