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Documentary Animation

Adriana Monteforte Lahera

Adriana Monteforte Lahera is an animator from Mexico City. With a BA in Graphic Design, she pursued animation from the very beginning, choosing to turn a lot of her graphic design work into moving image. Although she mainly focuses on digital 2D animation, she has worked professionally in the fields of graphic design, traditional animation, motion graphics and 3D. She has worked commercially for hotels, youtube channels, the Department of Mexican Tourism, brands such as Milky Way, TED, and AT&T; she has been involved in the making of opening/closing sequences for various films and television series, and recently was part of a team that animated a music video by Mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade, for “Song Exploder” by Netflix.




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School of Communication

Documentary Animation

Born and raised in Mexico City, Adriana is fascinated by the complexity, the mystery and the contrasts easily found in Mexican culture and society. Through her animated work she wishes to speak about her country and its people, in all of its ugliness and glory. Pushing the boundaries of traditional documentary work, and mixing in her personal writings and fictions, Adriana wants to celebrate and talk about her culture in a non-stereotyped way; to address the mystical and magical found in everyday life; and to explore and study her place in her society, her city and the people and objects that create and populate it. Intrigued by places, spaces and objects, she usually forgoes the physical presence of people or characters in her work, choosing to reveal their feelings and stories through the things they leave behind and locations they inhabit. She believes objects and spaces are charged, and that the slightly voyeuristic analysis of someone’s personal space and belongings can disclose far more than any interview could. In the future, she hopes to dedicate her life and work to the telling of the many intriguing stories, of the wonderful people that make up the intricate and difficult place she calls home.

Adriana’s current project “In Absentia”, blurs the lines between fiction, reality and magical realism, to create an animated portrait of her absent, estranged grandfather.

Who knew him best?

A seemingly lost poem on a note found in one of my grandfather’s old books triggers a magical journey through unreliable memories and half made up stories. An animated documentary portrait of my absent grandfather (a writer) through the charged objects he left behind, the voices of those who knew him, and the imagination of those who didn’t.

This project is an effort to reconstruct the image of a man I never knew by assembling together different pieces of documentary and fictional work.

In Absentia - WiP Clip 1

An unfinished clip depicting a story told frequently among my family members, and featuring the recurring appearances of my aunt’s ghost.

Frame by frame animation

Compositing in After Effects

Sketched sound and rough recordings.

In Absentia - WiP Clip 2

An unfinished clip about my grandfather’s womanizer tendencies. Told through the eyes of an old friend.

Frame by frame animation

Compositing in After Effects

Sketched sound and rough recordings.

Objects 1

Objects 2

Objects 3

Memories 1

A series of stills and concept art.

29 January 2021
10:00 (GMT + 0)

Jonathan Hodgson: A talk on Short Animation Production & Funding

Work in progress project discussion with students
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