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Print (MA)

Mandi Stewart

I began my career as an Artist completing the Porthmeor Programme at the St Ives School of Painting in 2017. More recently I have completed specialised printmaking courses in Florence, Barcelona and Cornwall.

I have been selected to exhibit at a range of galleries including The Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, The Southpark Gallery, The Penwith Gallery and the St Ives Society of Artists. I also exhibit regularly at the Salthouse Gallery in St Ives. I am a member of the St Ives Porthmeor Print workshop where currently I make many of my prints.

I worked for 25 years in the Social Care sector with a wide range of disabled people and organisations. I left this career 6 years ago following life changing ill health and disability. The silver lining has been the opportunity to become an Artist Printmaker.



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Print (MA)

I am a disabled artist based in St Ives, Cornwall. I work in an eclectic way with a range of media from photography to film, painting and installation but I always return to the magic of print. Many of my prints are single edition multi-layered monotypes.

My practice is influenced by my surroundings of Cornish landscape, from the colours, textures and shapes of the ancient coastline to my personal experiences of illness and disability. These concerns are punctuated with references to both personal and political journeys from representations of disabled people, to the fragility of life and the environment we inhabit. I am interested in the act of breathing and the impact on mental health. Working on my dissertation has allowed me the opportunity to develop my ideas further in relation to how as disabled artists our bodies are represented in art.

I use a range of print processes in my work from etching, to aquatint, woodblock and most recently photolithography.  I find the alchemy and uncertainty of printmaking suits my temperament as an Artist. It allows me an opportunity to experiment and take risks using a process that involves chance as well as precision.  A number of my prints are made using a monotype technique involving collage and layering which has transferred well to my home studio in the current lockdown. I have been making prints by hand using readily available materials, from recycled packaging to beach finds.

Like many artists my practice has been transformed by lockdown and working from home. I am extremely lucky to live in Cornwall and have access to the sea. My work is developing a focus on the photographic and I have used daily walks on familiar routes to gather new material through the camera lens. The practice now is exploring the ancient stone structures of West Penwith whilst looking at the impact of the sea on rocks and the coastline. In a certain respect this is becoming metaphorical or linked to my ideas and research into disability and the shapes of DNA and helix structures as the practice and my experiments develop.

Helix Twist Emerging — Monotype print sculpture prototype.

Helix Tango - Inside Out — Monotype print and wire sculpture protoype. Made using cutout monotype multilayered print and wire. Exploring shadow and space.

Dance of the Helix — Monotype print using collaged layered materials and metallic ink

Helix Inside Out — WIP exploring helix prototype shapes to progress into an installation.

This is an ongoing project concerned with identity, body, DNA and the helix structure. I am working on a series of monotype prints and wire which I am using to make sculptures. Some of my practice connects to my personal experience of disability but this work has also been inspired by my dissertation research about disabled peoples representation in art. I am also interested in taking my print practice into an installation space and making an environmental space with print.


Monotype prints, collage and wire

Elemental Stone — These stones are piled high on a hill near where I live. They are carved by the weather and have beautiful marks. In the winter months they take on a foreboding atmosphere and the colours and shapes have been influential in my current practice. In spring this landscape looks very gentle and full of colour and hope. I intend to chart these changes over the coming months.

Time Cairn — A view through a Cairn - a pile of megalithic rocks. Looking across an ancient Celtic field system which is still farmed today at the edge of the ocean. I am interested in our human connection with the prehistoric rock and the act of looking through time.

Rock Kiss — This is a photograph of a stone structure on a familiar path I have been walking for many years. It was during one lockdown walk that I stopped and looked more closely at the rock. Usually I would look through it towards the sea but on this occasion I looked up and noticed the figurative sculptural qualities. A love story in rock. I hope to develop the photograph into photolithography.

Balance — The first image from my photographic exploration of rock and landscape. This is a view out to the neolithic landscape of the North West Highlands. This photograph is being developed into a photolithograph and I hope to use the same process with the other images.

Rock and Tide — Capturing the hypnotic, sculptural and rising impact of sea on land. The colours and shapes are influential in my work.

Island Rock — A photograph of St Ives Island during Lockdown. A timeless view of sky, sea and land. A WIP to be developed in lithography.

A set of photographs of ancient stones, rocks and landscapes. I am exploring ideas of balance, perspective and personal experience. I am interested in these ancient cairns or rock piles and our human connection to stone and the landscape. These photographs have been taken during daily lockdown walks and have allowed the opportunity to develop my practice and knowledge of the unique Cornish landscape that surrounds me.



Studio images — Helix and stone images and shapes

The working it out studio area — Working with monotype print cutouts and making helix structures and stone shapes.

Helix WIP — WIP in the studio.

A range of images from my studio and works in progress.


Printmaking, sculpture, painting

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