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Anna Deller-Yee

A designer that paints too much. . .

Anna Deller-Yee was born in 1994, in Chicago, IL, U.S.A.

In 2018 she completed her BA (First Class Hons) in Fashion Design and Development at the London College of Fashion whilst undertaking a successful industry practice year. She has won multiple awards including the Bavarian Sparkassen Debut Prize and Bavarian Catalog Prize for emerging creatives with her painting and illustration work. In late 2019 and throughout 2020 she saw herself exhibiting in multiple solo and group exhibitions in Germany whilst gaining experience on the art market.

Today the half American, half German creative lives between Berlin, Germany and the London, UK. whilst completing her MA in Fashion at the Royal College of Art.

Anna specializes in fashion, concept and graphic design&development, painting and illustration, visual communication, research, curation and interdisciplinary work. Her multidisciplinary interests and background enable the thorough and detailed development and execution of commercial as well as artisanal projects. She is eagerly learning, continuously developing and enhancing ideas, whilst aiming to push boundaries in individual as well as collaborative and interdisciplinary practices.





001_STATES OF BE_ING - Solo Exhibition

Degree Details

School of Design


Studying body and identity politics on the MA Fashion course at the Royal College of Art inevitably informs my practice as a creative.

Through observation and documentation, I methodologically explore social relationships around human identity, forms of power and physical touch being a womxn. In the process, I work in a self-exploratory way by using myself as the means of inquiry and interact with other inspiring individuals through photography, film, illustration and discussion. I continue by deconstructing and merging collected data with my personal touch of body, heritage and lived experiences as well as secondary sources to back up the primary ones.

The materials I choose to work with, including linen canvas, wool, oil paint and ink to name some, are of traditional origin (yet this list is nowhere near complete and always seeks to be expanded and challenged). Similar to the practice itself, I believe by using traditional materials in my work, I am able to subvert their stereotypical associations through my sometimes contrasting and clashing topics. An iterative and instinctive approach is used when I work, as I believe this generates the most raw output.

In an increasingly fast-paced, isolated and digital age, I not only want to start vibrant discussions around bodies, identity and gender: my aim is to create a space where the marks of a womxn's touch and contemporary body politics are preserved, to be remembered and to hopefully inspire others.

I believe that art should make you feel something - it should touch you.



I am a firm believer of collaborative projects.

If you'd like to work together please email me, I look forward to hearing from you!


[MIRROR MIRROR selfportraits]







[Common Shape Pools with Nicolas Bernklau, ECAL Lausanne]

[Common Shape Pools with Nicolas Bernklau, ECAL Lausanne]


[Common Shape Pools with Nicolas Bernklau, ECAL Lausanne]

[Common Shape Pools with Nicolas Bernklau, ECAL Lausanne]






Reclaiming and manifesting body and mind - distilling the essence of who I am in a flow of inter- and multidisciplinary output. The SYMPHONY OF SELF is an on-going project of instinctive and iterative nature, which breaks down into multiple acts. It is a diary, a manifesto, an empowering journey that I feel ready to share with the world. 



KAKUSHIBORI is a collaboration between the design disciplines typography and fashion design. The Japanese definition chosen as the project’s name derives from the art of Irezumi tattooing and refers to hidden tattoos literally meaning “hidden carvings”. Between the European cities Lausanne (CH) and London (GB), Nicolas and I use our common understanding of the tattoo as an inscribed identity on or under the skin. Thus we define KAKUSHIBORI in our work as a “hidden identity".Using this new definition as our common research and design base, we challenge the stereotypical roles of type and fashion design and explore new intersections between the both.

For my contribution to the collaborative project, the grounds of methodology are laid in the course project of MA Fashion second year "MIRROR MIRROR", a series of self-portraits that document states of dress and undress, hidden and revealing though body and garment. The notions of hiding and revealing create the leading investigating theme for the project.

I ask myself: What is my experience as a womxn in the year 2020/21? 

This question and the common definition of Kakushibori, open up the idea of theatrical experimentation processes with my own body: Body, tailored suits and skin tight garments and fruit (as a metaphor for the body) act as tools of inquiry and are molded together through movement and distorted in the live experimentation processes. Through notions of hiding and revealing, I find new ways to operate as a creative- old rules are bent, new ones are created. 

Each experiment is carefully documented through film and photography by myself. This way I believe I am able to generate more intimate and genuine output to work with, rather than solely looking at flat images or writing. I am able to feel the emotions with my entire body, so to say. 

The recordings are analyzed, shapes, movement, silhouettes are extracted, iteratively collaged, distorted and remodeled. 

Through a cyclical, collaborative and iterative research and design methodology, a common shape pool is created which aids in the development of typeface, fashion silhouettes, pattern shapes, prints and publications. This body of work will continue to flourish in further projects in the future between the designers.

. . . To be continued.

In Collaboration with:

bodyCollaborationFeminismNarration / Storytelling

Schmeckt dir nicht — 2020, Oil on canvas, 150x220cm

AKT I — 2020, Acrylic on canvas, 70x100cm.

Roter Teppich — 2020, Oil on canvas, 220x300cm

Painting works which are informed by and inform my design work. These works were shown in my solo exhibition 001 STATES OF BE_ING in June 2020, Leipzig Germany.


Oil on canvas, Acrylic on canvas

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