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Biyan Qian

A person who is a student in life classes, taking the course: Identity Change From ‘Good Daughter’ to ‘Adult’.


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School of Communication


My practice focuses on family issues and social phenomena, considering how social conditions have influenced our private relationships. I record conversations between myself and family members and use these recordings as the basis of new works.

In my recent work, I explore different opinions on marriage within the family and the strict requirements that have been stipulated for my future husband. The project is based on fragments of my mother’s memories, using old family photographs and illustrations to explore why she has such strong opinions about a future husband. The work uses storytelling as a method to look back at her life and to find the reasons for these thoughts. In this series of paintings, I want to create an empathetic feeling with the audience, using the specific story of my mother’s, to communicate broader social concerns. 

My mother's memory of Niulang and Zhinv — Niulang and Zhinv is an old Chinese love story that was important in informing my mother’s impression of marriage.

The imagination of my mother's husband when she was young — When my mother grew up, she found a job and left home, and started to live alone. During this time, she was very busy and to relax began to read books of love stories.

I use illustrations to draw my mother’s fragment of memory in order to explore why she has so many requirements toward my future husband and use storytelling to look back at her life to find the reasons.





The Photos of my mother

Conversation — Requirements of my mother toward my future husband.


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