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Experimental Communication

Dougal Verinder Gedge

I am Dougal Verinder Gedge.

My current interests include :

- Digital Garden Spaces (Y2K-Pre Trump)

- Human relationships with Artificial Intelligence

- Noise Music

- Neo-Shamanism

- Net Excavation

- The role of the Author and Audience within Art

- Rock Climbing 

- Long Distance Running

Winner of the Varley Award 2020, in partnership with Louise Gholam

Shortlisted for the Royal College of Art x Pokemon Scholarship 2020

Previous Education:

Falmouth University, Graphic Design (BA) (First Honours) 

Hochschule Augsburg, Germany, Visual Communication (BA) 


Timothy Donaldson, Luke Pendrell, Mafalda Spencer, Ken Hollings, Brian Clarke, Jens Masmann



Export Radio


Degree Details

School of Communication

Experimental Communication

"Studying both Graphic Design and Conceptual Art has located Dougal Verinder Gedge within the middle-ground between what would be considered ‘Design’ and ‘Art’. A youth experienced through the Internet has heavily influenced his work, obliging him to question the meaning of ‘authenticity’ in both the physical and digital realms. Self-professing his work to be experimental by nature, Gedge seeks to constantly question and raise awareness of topics which the general public would normally overlook."

- Artists Statement

"...Gedge is a deluxe example of what the future holds for graphic design, art and communication. Untold cheek that’s demolishing new grounds through his free reign over visual language and identity. Part climber, part runner part societal critic, Dougal somehow straddles many worlds, the thematic brainchild of this synergy is like a fresh new baby of an unknown race, a kind of more socially acceptable version of Nietzsche's übermensch; not to be ignored, lest we miss Zarathustra’s redemptive message..."

- Interview with Loose Lips, 2020

Ethos — A reading from Kevin Bewersdorf's essay "Spirit Surfing".
Launch Project

Super Soaker — Inkjet print on A4

ITT: Post Battlestations — Inkjet print on A4

Power Objects — Inkjet print on A4

Net Excavation — The show starts at around the 3-minute mark. The second episode of the new series of net excavation, live on Export Radio. In this episode, Dougal surfs archived sites from the Geocities archive, in the search of strange and obtuse imagery, bloggers and more.

My Model 2021 — My artistic model explained — This is my artistic model as of 2021. It's two sided structure highlights the two-sided manifestation that my work presents / represents. Digital and Physical. Author and Anon. A full explanation presented as supplementary audio in the video provided.

My model(s) — The building blocks of my artistic world view. A primordial soup of Aphex Twin and ADHD medication. A cement mixer of Neo-shamanism and Bruce Nauman. The iceberg presents my most integral influences and experiences as an interconnected chain of floating signifiers to help create a model of emergent identity, rather than a model of my emergent practice. Hear an explanation in the link provided!

"... (yet) many remain skeptical of web surfing as an art practice. These skeptics are confused about surfing because they move the internet around like forks at a dinner party. They see the web as a practical and entertaining service:,, Ebay and Facebook and iTunes. They bounce around on the exterior of banners and buttons. They're information brats. INFObrats are on the web for obligations in their material and practical lives. They shop, instant message, pay bills, relay practical data, and consume.

Not everyone on the web is looking for practical information. Some look to remove the fork from the dinner table and set it into a frame of their own devising. Some pay homage to the fork as it is. Some treat the web not as a shopping mall, but as a spiritual realm. They work towards the glorification of the web and the spirit that constructs it. They work for no reward other than the credibility bestowed on them by fellow surfers. They are not just surfers, but monks. Behind the shopping mall of the web there are beautiful gardens being cultivated by these INFOmonks."

-Kevin Bewersdorf, Spirit Surfing, 2008


performance, inkjet onto paper, macbook

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Digital ArtMythsPost-InternetSpeculative
Poem 2 — gpt3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) compile of six months of research. rephrased and restructured into potential sentences for performance.
GAN Face — 2700 images of the artists face compiled and given to AI software with the intention that the software would then recognise my face. Following this, the GAN (Generative adversarial network) would then proceed to learn what my face is, which would then lead to a tool which creates potentially infinite versions of said face(s).

"I must not be frightened" — Written for the 'Bright Labyrinth' lecture series with Ken Hollings. Published in ART WORK Magazine Issue 1 amongst other artists : Jamila Prowse, Kai-Isaiah Jamal, Lorén Elhili, Maria Fusco, Naomi Accardi, Rehana Zaman, Rhea Dillon, Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan, Sinéad O’Dwyer and Rene Matić. Founder/Editor: Róisín Tapponi Art Direction/Designers : Dateagle Art

Script for Poem 2

Export Radio : Talking with Elliot — Lecture starts at exactly 1 minute. Dougal Verinder Gedge talks with AI enthusiast, Graphic Designer and recent Kingston Graduate Elliott Elder about AI and GAN culture. The pair also create discourse surrounding the ethics of GAN usage, gatekeeping of aesthetic and the balance of both speculative and physical experience when confronted by computational art and the floating signifiers that surround 'it' in 2020. Social links: @ell.yot

"What does it mean to be frightened by Artificial Intelligence? I could revisit existentialist philosophy? The properties of a world or environment are on a connected chain, so incomprehensibly massive, that the infinite signifier of life itself garners one to feel nauseous and disconnected from existence itself. Spectatorship of this very ‘real’ sensation draws me to some of my preferred interests such as authorship and sentimentality. Instead of drawing to these conclusions I have routed towards in past conversations and writing, I will conclude this thought with that of Brecht’s ‘epic theatre’. A spectator becomes an observer. The human being is the object of the inquiry. Physical humans are spectators of the non-human, digitised new life. Which once birthed is transmuted and warped beyond rational control. The non-physical self sets the stage of discourse beyond reason and instruction. The properties of a self-programmed world are interconnected so much that the infinite signifiers of life garner one to feel disconnected from existence itself."

Find a complete collection of AI experiments and writings in the weblink provided.


artificial intelligence, essay, discussion, performance — Visit the new Export Radio website! Here you can find a work in progress archive of all of our previous broadcasts and streams, as well as live chat and our collation of archived posters, graphics and collaborators! Designed by: Dougal Verinder Gedge Code by: Lola Lou Li Rocco Punghellini Max Kohler

Export Radio x Royal College of Art 24-Hour Livestream! — The Export Radio team propose an opportunity to construct a broadcasting workspace for the Royal College of Art. It will act as a supportive platform for this year's graduates to share their current ideas, proposals and works of art, acting as a collaborative space in concurrency with the 2021 WIP show. The 24-Hour stream will include: - roundtables with other Arts and Design universities in the UK/EU - interviews with Graduates and tutors - visual and sonic workshops presented by students and more!


Our station is Internet-based and led by Experimental Communication students at the Royal College of Arts of London. We curate weekly showcases of music, conversation, and interview, collected from both RCA students and further afield. This sonic-satellite is an opportunity to re-invigorate the public through worldwide collaboration and discussion, whilst also building bridges in a post-Brexit, mid-Covid-19 environment.


Used as a knowledge-sharing and collaborative platform, Export Radio offers a parallel space for students to reflect on WHAT they are learning about, but especially HOW they are taught at the RCA. In the context of the Work In Progress show, students felt the need to find a more humane and interactive way to share their work, their concerns regarding the institution they are studying in, but also their professionalization. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT, once we leave the RCA?

Following this thought, the team at Export has put together a 24hours Livestream which will feature performances, roundtables, Q&As… It will offer students another format for visibility, getting their voices heard within and outside the ‘walls’ of the RCA. To close-up the Work In Progress show week, Export is organising an AFTERPARTY open to all! Starting with a workshop on EXperimental COMmunity Radios hosted by RCA tutors and students alike, the party will then carry on with DJ sets takeovers from 5pm onwards. Keep tuned!

We’re looking forward to ‘hear’ from you and meet you on our audio-visual waves!

Export Radio 


Both events will be hosted on Export Radio’s website :

For more information and updates you can contact us on instagram: @exportradio or via email:

POSTERS BY: Dougal Verinder Gedge 



website, audio, print

In Collaboration with:

Co-founder & co-creative director
Content editor & curator
Begegnung (encounter) — This project explores the nature of understanding public art (objects) and the messages they convey within a space. Acting as the ultimate observer, akin to the creator, I piece together the surface structure of the objects, and through scaling these artefacts attempt to understand and emotionally engage with the rationale behind each piece of public art. more :
Critical Position — ‘Critical Positions’ was a chance for me to access critical thought and interrogation of the self, channeled through my chosen format of improv conversation / video. The majority of the project relied on me almost backtracking the past few months of work and feedback whilst on the RCA course, to find threads of conversation regarding my current artistic interests which I believe inform my current practice. more :
Noise experiments — Selected sound-works which work to expand my interpersonal relationship with computers and technology. I focus on using static sound like an armature for my body, and a way to control my surroundings. My relationship with sound looks at the physical form that instrumentation presents. My musical sculptures are almost devoid of cultural, or narrative connotations. more :

Memory neo-shamanism — A neo-shamanistic discovery of the old web of the 2000's, picturing myself as a nomad of the net. I visit old memories, empty chatrooms and virtual worlds to speculate what the word 'ruin' represents in the current digital timeline. more : — Make a stone circle! The rock textures are taken from a self-compiled database of all of the stone faces found at Stonehenge. email me your formations! visit : more :

A collection of works and images. Collated from 2019-2021.

These and more can be found on my site, found in the link(s) provided.


video, performance, sound, code, paper

Varley Memorial Award

Award winner 2020 for the Export Radio project.

5 February 2021
15:00 (GMT + 0)


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29 January 2021
17:00 (GMT + 0)


Performances, talks, meet the makers, discussions, DJ sets and musical sessions

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