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Experimental Animation

Emilia Schettino

Emilia Schettino is a Mexican illustrator and animator whose work is known for her minimal characters, pale colours and organic shapes. 

She has collaborated as a visual artist for different brands such as Google, Nespresso and Airbnb. For Magazines like Elle, Marie Claire and Architectural Digest, among others. Worked as an animator for the Mexican studio BASA and her artwork has been shown in Mexican galleries, events and public spaces in Mexico City. 

She likes to collaborate in different projects, finding specific and unique ways of portraying ideas and thoughts based on what she has learnt, experienced and seen in her not very long but very visual life.


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School of Communication

Experimental Animation

As a visual artist I like to think different for each project. I’m always on the search of finding new ways of portraying thoughts and finding unique approaches to what I’m working on.

The way I produce ideas is always through visual media, more than anything, illustration and 2D animation. 

My work usually shows abstract characters, pale colours and organic shapes as I like to think in a minimal language. 

I’ve always found inspiration on the little details of my culture, the regular days of my life and the female perspective of what surrounds me.

Stolen Flowers — A montage of moments in the life of a little girl who is being persistently chased and haunted by her deepest fears. This marks the antithsis between her whimsical past and her eerie present.
Drawing Together

Drawing Together

Walking by

Walking by

A flower to a flower

A flower to a flower

For my graduation film I want to make an animation about something that has been in my mind for a few years. 

I want to talk about what it means to be afraid and to feel in danger from a female perspective, based on what happens in countries like mine, Mexico, where the daily news is always about people missing, especially women and girls.

I want to depict how fear has become an important aspect in our lives making us feel insecure and paranoid most of the time. 

These emotions will be shown through a whimsical story that promptly will become a nightmare, exhibited mainly through a visual language and audio.


2D Animation


6 min

Walking with mom

Lonely Woods

At School


Because my film is mainly build upon images and few sounds, I want my images to be strong enough in terms of reflecting emotions and moods through visual elements, these are some of the images that are going to be part of the short film


Digital Illustration
Rough animation of "Drawing Together" scene

Rough animation of "Drawing Together" scene

Scenes from Storyboard

Walk cycle

Walk cycle

Concept Art of "Inside"

Concept Art of " Fear Everywhere"



A little bit of the process on the creation of this short film


Illustration, 2D Animation
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