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Print (MA)

Hanzhe Wang

I was born in Anji, China in 1997. I graduated from the Print course at the China Academy of Art in 2019. Current study at the RCA has given me a chance to reflect upon my ideas and works and exposed the importance of memory to me. I am interested in getting inspiration from my own life experience and recording and thinking about my life through creation. I work across multiple disciplines including printmaking, drawing, photography and sculpture.


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School of Arts & Humanities

Print (MA)

My practice is about memories in this old house, I moved out of this house with my family when I was six years old, but every year after that I would follow my family back to this house to worship the ancestors. 

My focus on is the distortion of my memory in this space due to the influence of emotions and time and the association between memory and emotion. I am also interested in what role this old house plays in my life. By amplifying this memory bias, I want to reshape memories and emotional creation. In the creative process, I pay attention to the traces and meaningful objects left in this building, and express the connection of facts and feelings experienced in memories through painting and sculpture.

Printmaking and the ability to make an edition also plays a part in thinking about memory and sharing images or texts. Importantly these ideas can be in different locations at different times and perhaps have different readings as the constructs of the cultures and contexts shape and interpret them.

Traces of the house


Traces I

Traces II


Arm chair — Bamboo baby's high chair

Arm chair — Sketch




Approximately 30X37 cm

Memories in mirror

Memories in mirror — A mirrored ceiling in the old house




60X60 cm

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