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Print (MA)

Katrine Lyck

Katrine Lyck (b. 1992, Denmark) received her bachelor in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art in 2018 and is now studying Print at Royal College of Art.





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Print (MA)

My practice revolves around and is inspired by direct contact, personal memories and intimacy. This has obviously been a challenging time for this kind of practice, but I have none-the-less dared to pursue this motivation, maybe in a way even more aware and insistent than before having to be physically and emotionally distanced. I currently work with cyanotype and monoprint as these forms of printmaking can be done at home during lockdown.

Madena — Madena grew up in Ethiopia and was adopted into Denmark at the age of nine. She was given the responsibility to nurse her new-born little sister at the age of six. In this short audio clip, she tells us how difficult it was to receive a doll to play with in Denmark after nurturing a real child.
Preben — Preben remembers a turning point in his consciousness at the age of 5, where he felt a new connection with the universe and an independence from his mother. He’s lying in a field on a warm summer day.
Søren — When Søren was nine he started watching The Lord of the Rings. He was too young to join live roleplaying with the adults but formed his own group, making weapons, playing out their fantasies about “who we are, what we can do, and what we want.” At the age of 11, Søren was finally permitted by his parents to attend live role playing. In this short clip, Søren tells us about an experience from this battlefield.

During summer, the numbers of Covid cases in Denmark were quite low. Society was open and the only signs of Covid were hand sanitizers in the shops and a lack of handshakes. I was able to carry out a portrait project with podcaster Amanda Hvid. We wanted to make a series of warm and sincere portraits of people from the area in Denmark called Mid Jutland concerning their childhood and relation to this area. The idea was to combine the visual arts with sound, so that the portraits would consist of both media. The end product will be recorded interviews of about 15 minutes, where we examine the subject’s memories of childhood, and a book containing only visuals. These visuals will include a portrait of the subject, and two visual interpretations of what’s being told, using cyanotype and solar fast. The viewer will be able to look through the book while listening to the recorded memories, somewhat like the “Read-Along Book and Tape” we’d borrow from the library in the 90’s.

The portraits are painted in different kinds of settings. Some are from life during the interview, some are painted from photos, and some will be painted before and after the interview. These different ways of painting visualise responses to different levels of intimacy, focus, and attention during the process, both from painter and sitter.


Daler-Rowney Acrylic Inks, monotype and cyanotype



In Collaboration with:

Podcaster and sound artist

Esben — From photo

Madena — From photo

Preben — From photo

Preben — Cyanotype test

Søren — From photo

Søren — From life


From Afar





Engaged act

My dissertation topic circles around absurdity in children’s play concerning the reality of theater and illusion. Camus writes in The Myth of Sisyphus, “… In a universe suddenly divested of illusions and lights, man feels an alien, a stranger.” He talks, of course, about the experience of absurd realisation. My dissertation discusses this absurdity in relation to play, both in the world of theatre and in the imaginary creation of children.


Aquatint etching


13*18 cm



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