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Sculpture (MA)

Lucija Krizman

B. Zadar, Croatia

Lives and works in London, UK


2020 - 2022 MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art

2014 - 2017 BA Jewellery Design, Central Saint Martins


2019 The Space in between

202 Gallery, London / Duo exhibition with Sasha Cherkas

2017 Transition

Greta Gallery, Zagreb / Solo Exhibition


2019 Art Biesenthal, Biesenthal - Berlin

2019 Little Islands Festival, Amorgos & Sikinos

2018 Monitor, Contemporary arts festival, Heraklion 2018

2018 Monoaza, Monoplay Festival, Zadar 2018

2017 Central Saint Martins Graduate show, London

2016 Pitcher, Central Saint Martins, London


2020 Frankopan Scholarship, Staples Trust

2017 Dissertation Prize, Central Saint Martins

2015 J & J Bursary, Central Saint Martins


Invisible Observed Zine, Royal College of Art, 2020


Instagram @lucija.krizman


Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Sculpture (MA)

A constant flow of whys and how’s followed by the material game in search of a higher and hidden self. A stream of various thoughts followed by their echoes…

Sometimes the work lets me in, and other times it takes from me – my dreams, forms and memories.

The sculptures and installations appear futuristic, yet the techniques I use are essentially traditional. 

I am a collector and translator. I collect experiences and translate their language into the language of immersive environments. 

I expose my vulnerability to the surrounding where the work can expand and morph. But where is the Where? It is a hidden landscape I must discover. A Möbius road with a twisted surface and sharp edges lead me to the opposite of the same. 

The walk is challenging, dangerous but thrilling. From the village to the steep cliffs of the canyon just to find the hidden cave where You told me to wait…. Wait until the sound gets thicker and my eyes adjust to the new light…. 

----- — Videographer / Darko Cigic 00:01:55

----- Installation view

----- Installation detail

----- Installation detail

----- Installation detail

Video Installation

Videographer / Darko Cigic



Steel / Stoneware / Wax / Glass / Water


175 X 100 X 50

- 01 -

- 0102 -

- 02 -

- 0201 -

- 03 -

The Phantom is a project that is currently being developed. I am investigating various ways to hold the pieces together and testing different metal structures that could suspend or hold them in space.

"One senses a powerfull undertow of struggle. Yet it is not the struggle of a work against something outside itself, but rather the struggle of something within the work, unmanifested, trying desperately to break out, and constantly finding its emergence “blocked” by the existing, outward form and language of the piece. This blocking of “something within” …has to do with the frustration of a desire for cathartic release into some supremely positive state of being, where meaning is transparent…"

Slavoj Zizek, The Parallax View, 2006


Aluminium / Alabaster


75 X 60 X 30

----- Process — Clay model ---> Plaster mould ---> Plaster model ---> Silicone mould ---> Wax model ---> Before the final retouch

In this folder I am showing the hidden work behind my latest project You told me to wait... Wait until the sound gets thicker and my eyes adjust to the new light....

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