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Moving Image

Patricia Petersen

For me, image-making is taking a part of reality and putting it into a new context and thereby making it my own. It means reconstructing the things which are familiar into the unfamiliar. It means bringing the unknown into the habitual. I believe it can reflect something most people can relate to; to something we believe is a shared experience. 

My practice includes moving image, photography, sculpture, installation and text. I am currently exploring themes of memory, narrative and dislocation. The starting point is often an autobiographical context but my curiosity lies in the collective experience of being human. I am influenced by experimental ethnography and aim to challenge dominant historical, social and political narratives within my work.




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Moving Image

This time of year I spend most of the time

with both feet firmly placed on another planet

I have watched the forest 

bloom then die

Some days I feel like

getting rocks under my nails 

So I walk to the beach and cartwheel into the ocean 

towards the island where I grew up 

On the seafloor I meet friends 

old and new 

And we dance and dream 

of better days  

The Birds Always Sing on Ashfield Street — When I returned to my London home after spending five months in lockdown with my grandmother in Denmark I found an undelivered letter written right before I left in March. A message from the Before.

Work in Progress

Looking to collaborate with a sound designer and/or composer for this piece. Please get in touch if interested!  


On ageing
On freedom

Work in Progress

In 2019 I discovered a somewhat family secret; that my grandmother [babcia] had been involved in the civil resistance group Solidarność [Solidarity] during the Martial Law in Poland during the 1980s. Babcia's involvement forced her into exile in Greece, before achieving asylum in Denmark as a political refugee. 

In April 2019, my babcia agreed to travel with me to her hometown Łódź, Poland which was the beginning of a multigenerational collaborative documentary project - Poczta Pantoflowa [Slipper Mail] - on notions of exile, displacement, (post)memory and identity.

Less than a year, after we began the project, my babcia fell ill which collided with the COVID-19 lockdown. I went to Denmark to help my babcia as she recovered. We have now spent nearly 9 months together in 2020.



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