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Critical Practice

Putri Ramadina Taufik

Born in Indonesia, Putri moved to England in 2014 to pursue her studies. Putri holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Leeds Arts University. She has exhibited in the UK and Indonesia, including Brighton, Leeds, London and Jakarta. Her work is driven by her interests in temporality, memory distortions, trauma and the human mind.



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Critical Practice

I do not remember what time and what day it was when I woke up that day, but I will always remember the year 2005.

Through writing, Putri transforms her way of thinking based on her memory of the 2005 Bali bombings and develops her text into a variety of media.

Drawing attention to the traumatic experience that she encountered, she challenges her emotional upheavals through a range of media spanning text-based work, moving image and digital drawings.

day turns into night

night turns into day

will it ever go away?

I long for peaceful nights

where I can stay awake and breathe normally

as the wind brushes my hair

my thoughts are gone in thin air

do you see what I see?

I imagine being in the sea

dreaming of being happy

though I knew it was crazy

am I daydreaming?

will it ever go away?

am I breathing?

or am I not?


Digital drawings


300 x 300 mm
Layers of the Mind

Carl Jung argues that a shadow acts as a rejected personality that is stored into the unconscious psyche.

During this pandemic, I have become more aware of the presence of shadows, lights, reflections and the notion of time. I am interested in how cinematic techniques of editing and shooting footage can alter the notions of time and space. The videos aim to blur the ideas between dreams and reality. The sound used in Dreams tends to either speed up or slow down the physiology of the listener. Both videos are meant to convey the concept of time by extending the duration of each scene.



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