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Sculpture (MA)

Sara Essam Binadwan

Sara Binadwan is from Saudi Arabia. She received her BA in Linguistics from Prince Sultan University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Alfaisal University. Her practice reflects the dichotomies, conflicts and harmonies of human behavior, she explores environmental issues, inner conflict, the phenomenon of surrendering to an individual experience.




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School of Arts & Humanities

Sculpture (MA)

The main areas of interest in my art practice have been the study of human behavior, our connection with the environment and our surroundings, as well as memories. These themes have informed my work, and my overall vision.

Daily observations, personal encounters, and memories are among the key influences in my practice. I question how repetitive daily acts and rituals inform us, and how they affects us and our place in society, and on the planet. Drawing upon multiple experiences, personal and otherwise, I have strived to create work that addresses the human condition and environmental issues. I am eager to explore and work around the theme of memory, because I believe that through the process of recalling memories one understands his/her own inner-self.

Diverse media such as installation, photography, sculpture and video serve as strong platforms for my work. Exploring and experimenting with many different mediums throughout the process of making the work allows me to contemplate, assess and make decisions regarding the best way to translate and communicate my ideas. 

Pieces of Life Series #1

Pieces of Life Series #2

Pieces of Life Series #3

Pieces of Life Series #4

Pieces of Life Series #5

Pieces of Life has been on my mind for years; This body of work is based on my relationship with my grandparents, times that I treasure. I have been pondering its thoughtfulness as a subject and how would I approach it. Every single experience leaves something in us, often resulting in a ritual. Memories can influence us, affect the way we live and how we identify ourselves, it is as powerful as an identity; it leaves a mark on us. Whether it is a memory a of an object or a subject, it conjures up a feeling which will bring a stream of events that are all connected. As I started exploring my grandparent’s environment, I noticed that memories can sometimes be foggy and sometimes vivid, the conjunction of an individual and a collective memory is complex. I pondered on the very details of their lives to gain an understanding of the ritual and place. In one’s life there is a memory of space, person, or event that marks us and stays with us forever.


Digital Collage

Fragments of My Childhood Series #1

Fragments of My Childhood Series #2

Fragments of My Childhood Series #3

Fragments of My Childhood Series #4

Fragments of My Childhood Series began during Denise De Cordova's workshop, entitled Love Letters to a place: Wilderness Fantasies and Nature Lust.

I have not revisited the farm for years as it reminds me of my lovely days with my late father. For a while it was puzzling me why I kept revisiting the space in my mind. Later, I came to realize that my mature self-traces the most carefree and delightful moments back to the days I spent there. They were the happiest times of my life and those days played an important part in cultivating me and nurturing me. Those memories were an experience of wonder, for me it was a window into innumerable adventures. Because of the gratification that I gained it will forever be engraved on the very core of my heart, and I will relish it for as long as I live. This body of work, through the medium of digital collage combines two aspects of the environment merged into one image.


Digital Imagery

Joyous Garden

Joyous Garden

The feeling derived from this interactive installation blossoms from being firmly rooted in the present yet lighthearted and carefree.  Being connected to nature allows our emotions to flow freely and we can naturally connect to nature. The viewer is invited to swing on this larger than life flower harkening back to their childhood play.


Paper, foam, thread, marker pen, glue.

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