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Painting (MA)

Shilun Ding

Shilun Ding was born in Guangzhou in 1998 and is a first-year MA student in the RCA's Painting Programme. He studied at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts for 4 years and graduated from the Department of Oil Painting. In 2019, Shilun participated in an exchange programme between Slade School of Fine Art and GAFA and studied in the Slade’s painting department for half a year.



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School of Arts & Humanities

Painting (MA)

I like the subtle absurdities and breakdowns in daily life. These things are not so important, but they always remind me that life itself is a kind of creative material.

My pratice focuses on the materiality of images, and I explore the installational attributes of painting. For me, painting takes place in the most subtle moments of life. That moment may be an interesting toy that makes me smile, or when I am tripped up on the road by a strange and uncannily ugly object.

We live in an era of random combinations. No one is one-sided, nothing can be easily defined. Although spectacle has become our life itself, we can still feel, in collaged manner. Collage is realistic.

Humor 6, oil on linen, 160cm×170cm×5cm, 2020 — This painting describes my experience on a boat.

I watched HongKong movie in my cabin, oil on linen, 50cm×70cm×5cm, 2020

Gift, oil on linen, 30cm×60cm×5cm,2020

Humor is a kind of liberation, but emancipation itself also has some comic attributes. The two notions seem to be different but they are connected. In my collages, I used to look for materials similar to jokes, and then combine these jokes into a story, which may even be serious.


Oil on linen

Chair and Red and Green Twin Pools 椅子和紅綠雙潭, oil on linen, 30cm×40cm×5cm, 2021

Forgotten Dragon遺忘龍, oil on linen, 60cm×70cm×5cm, 2021 — I saw a dragon there. It had golden scales, long horns, and pearls in its mouth, but I forgot what it looked like. 我看見那裡有條龍,它有金光閃閃的鱗片,長長的犄角,嘴裡含著珍珠,但是我忘記它長什麼樣子了。

Ambition of Puppet手偶の野望, oil on linen, 30cm×40cm×4cm,2021


Oil on linen



“福”(Fu),Xinzao Local-based Project, comprehensive materials, 2021

INHOO MANUFACUTURE-Group Introduction: Yuandong Zeng/Shilun Ding/Ruicheng Chen/ Videography by Jiaxuan He
INHOO Exhibition_2020.9.27-10.13/Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts(Changgang Campus)/Videography by Jiaxuan He

INHOO Exhibition_2020.9.27-10.13/Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts(Changgang Campus)

Collective production-pothead

INHOO MANUFACTURE is an art group that my friends and I established in 2019, all team members are from different technical and academic fields. At present, the group have completed 4 projects and local-based exhibitions in the way of "manufacturing and producing through play".


Metal, Wood, New Media, etc

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