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Sculpture (MA)

Wenjie Yu

Wenjie Yu was born and raised in Shanghai in 1997. In July 2020, he graduated BA Degree from the Experimental Art Department of China Academy of Art. Now he is studying an MA degree in the Sculpture Programme of the Royal College of Art.

As an artist, he often participates in contemporary art exhibitions and is active in contemporary art activities. At the same time, his identities are diverse. Not only an artist but also a curator, art project director, art gallery director, etc.

Now he is based in China.



Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Sculpture (MA)

Wenjie Yu is an artist who pays attention to the contradictions, conflicts and integrations between individuals and the world. He likes to think about simple things but with deep meanings in daily life. From his own perspective, as a suspicious but innocent young man, he criticises the world in his pungent but humorous way. He is keen to create a unique experience for his audience by opening the continuing dialogue in his work. Besides the outside world, he is also an artist who dedicates to exploring human being’s self-consciousness. Through exploration himself, he uses experimental ways to express what he finds in human life and always love to hits the audiences with a new thought.

Sound art, installation, performance, painting, and video are all his media. He combined history and future in a leap way, showing that the present is both past and future. His inspiration system is huge and complex, so it is difficult to detect a specific clue of inspiration in his artwork. He is a mixed and complicated artist, and good at translating objects from his spiritual world directly to the real world by his artworks.

He makes absolute honesty and courage in art as his first priority. All his artworks are derived from his personal feelings and personal responses to the world. So, ironic humour always existing in his work. He has his own views on art and art itself. He is not afraid of challenge all the existing rules in the art world. He is changing every day while stable in his principles. and ”Not being changed by the world is actually changing the world.” He believes.

Under Skin



The inspiration for these artworks comes from me. They are my personal responses to the world. I take myself as a reference and put my personal intuition in the most important position.

In the working process, I translate my spiritual world into objects and colours directly. I believe in intuition, and I think intuition is very reliable. It is not an illusory thing, because it comes from the accumulation of every moment of my life.

Life is a gorgeous gown, crawling with lice.


Artificial fur, fabric, shell, moss, soil, stone and motor


InstallationInteractive InstallationTextiles

A Bird without Feet

A Bird without Feet - Sound

A Bird without Feet - Detail

This work is a portrait of JC Zheng. I think she is a bird without feet, so she has to fly the whole life.

In the process of searching for her inner world, I actually found more aspects of myself. This is also my relationship with the world. I am watching the world, and the world is watching me.

When I making this portrait for JC, I also start from myself. In fact, this is also my portrait, I am actually the bird without feet and never stop flying all the time.


Clay, boots, paint, chair, rice paper and loofah



2021, Let Me Believe In A Miracle Once

2021, Let Me Believe In A Miracle Once - Detail

The change of personal feelings in this special pandemic era is the biggest clue of these artworks. My contact with the material world has actually changed a lot. It can be roughly divided into three layers.

The first layer of this relationship is “seeing mountains are mountains, seeing water is water”.

The second layer is “seeing mountains are not mountains, seeing water is not water”.

The third layer is “seeing mountains are still mountains, seeing water is still water”. 

These artworks are about me and the universe, me and nature, me and others, me and time, me and the past me, and me and the future me… …


Clay, cement, moss, skeleton model, wood and paint



The Dust Of The Universe

The Dust Of The Universe - Detail

This group of paintings comes from a leap-like combination of the emotional connection between my current feeling as an individual and the universe.

I am an independent individual and an artist who changes and develops very rapidly, so my works are my most intuitive feelings at the moment. I reject all labels and define the type of my artworks. I never create artworks for any group or organisation, and I am just doing what I want to do.


Wood, wire, gauze, wood, cloth, shells and leather



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