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Global Innovation Design (MA)

Xinyu Wang

Xinyu is a Chinese industrial designer with a passion for innovative technologies that enable high impact solutions to complex problems by using efficient systems for sustainable futures. 


Her professional experience includes being part of multidisciplinary in-house, agency and entrepreneurial teams, gathering international experience within different design fields such as mass product design and development, user experience.


-     MA & MSc Global Innovation Design - Royal College of Art & Imperial College London

-     BEng Product Design and Manufacture – The University of Nottingham, China


IDA International Design Awards, Gold Winner, Project: ‘Gum Care’ toothbrush (2018)

IDA International Design Awards, Gold Winner, Project: ‘N oil’ dropplate (2018)

IDA International Design Awards, Bronze Winner, Project: ‘Rolling Piggy’ money bank (2018)

Patent for Utility model, group project ‘jigsaw’ (2018)

IDA International Design Awards, Gold Winner, Project: ‘occup LED’ handle (2017)




Degree Details

School of Design

Global Innovation Design (MA)

My current work is mainly exploring how we might keep the memory rituals in the future.

Specifically, in a high-tech society, it is difficult for the young generation to understand or face life and death,a topic they have rarely experienced.

Here comes the tension between the traditional memory rituals and the modern lifestyle:

There is an interesting relationship between the preservation of culture heritage and technology. How can I create a design, to help not only the younger generation understand and respect death,  but also the ancient culture and modern development exist side by side?

Key words: Cross-culture, traditional rituals, high technique society, education

Paintree visual — Key words: nature - children, tacit knowledge

Experimental stage — The rebirth of a pencil

Paintree starts from a small item: Pencil — Raw material: could be one type of representative trees from a certain country, with its texture and smell, with its memory.

Comparison — During using this paintree set, children could draw their imagination about this type of tree onside the outer shell, the inner sharpener will show the real texture and colour from the tree.

Hole of nature wonderland — During the period that children play with the painting tools, I hope they would finally have a self-definition related to nature.

paintree visual

“Paintree case” is a stationary design as an experimental starting point, which I am trying to create a hole of nature wonderland, where to show “returning to nature” awareness inside children’s daily life for their nature education and start a nature journey with children!


Nowadays, an increasing number of people have realized a dilemma when they teach the tacit knowledge of nature to the younger generation. For example, although children have full acknowledge of the color Yellow, they are unable to give a clear and concrete definition of it. 

The problem is that if children are not actively exposed to the facts and phenomena frequently, will lead to their lack of pleasure in exploring knowledge in nature, accordingly, this enthusiasm will gradually disappear, which can also be called the extinction of kids' curiosity.


A method of painting is a natural growth out of a need:

The raw material could be a specific type of representative trees from a certain place, with its texture, colour and smell, with its memory. During the period that children play with the painting tools, they would have a self-definition of nature mainly through physical experience.

To finally bring children who have “lost their way” in the city back to nature and inspire their love to nature.


Emo-calendar — Initial idea: fly our balloons and let them (all bad things) go

Emo-calendar — visual

Emo-calendar — visual_burning

Emo-calendar (Emotional scented Calendar):

Inspired by the principle of “Burn meditation”, Emo-calendar is a calendar style scented candle design.

Based on the research, an increasing number of people are showing their anxiety about time, especially under the self-quarantine background. I hope this design could give people a sense of ritual, to help them communicate their negative emotions with outer world and refresh their mind daily

How to use:

One page of calendar per day, people can tear down today’s page, and randomly draw or write down something (pour their inner mind to the outside), and burn it as scented candle. During the time it’s burning (around 30 mins, with the relaxing scent and warm surrounding), people could immerse themselves in their own universe, do whatever they want to do, with the feeling of in control, to finally release their anxiety. 

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