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Yimin Qiao

Yimin Qiao is a multimedia narrator whose work contains illustration, photography, and other narrative materials. Her current practice is trying to trigger the interactivity of images, making the experience travel between reality and narrative to arise discussion based on the public context.

At the same time, she makes odd inventions subverting ideas of the "functional image" where objects no longer comply with ideas of “Functionalism.” Can these create moments of encounter and situations of connection? 

A series of blueprints for these is under development. Feel free to browse some inventions below after the main project.





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We are facing the ruins we left behind

With the new landscapes of the pandemic, structures and barriers rapidly appear whilst some spaces and objects lose their function. Is this a chance to reinvent and rewrite their use and intention?

If there is currently no ideal space to place artwork, how about transforming existing objects into installations? Bank counters, street lights, barriers, skyscrapers, code signs, a bright shop window, a weird chair with a dick... Why were they made and what for?

Developing the form and concept of the “manual” and ideas of “instruction”, this project begins a series of interventions in banal human inventions aiming to provoke critical discussion around spaces and cultural symbols. The city itself is a great exhibition hall to be toured and seen anew. 

Navigate the world like a crazy alien where misunderstanding becomes a process of revelation of the structures that surround us. Let’s take imagination as a way to escape from this man-made illusion.

— Dear Visitor, you are invited to join an exhibition in the future. The exhibition is currently under construction, among them are all excellent inventions around the world. Feel free to browse the following manual as a preview.

— Here we come to one of our outstanding products: The Great Bank Counter

— Bank counter: A well-known product designed for handshakes. Carefully follow the instruction to see how humans used it to communicate. All products are available to pre-order.

— More exhibits will be ready soon, see you in the future.


A wind-bell which can hear the sound of a hug.

2 February 2021
12:30 (GMT + 0)

InSITE, Day 2

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3 February 2021
10:30 (GMT + 0)

InSITE, Day 3

1 February 2021
10:30 (GMT + 0)

InSITE, Day 1

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