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Textiles (MA)

Ziteng(Wisteria) Hu

The Reset is a project of exploring our inner world and subconsciousness through the combination of textiles samples.

Does any thoughts and decisions we made is really and only by ourselves? Where do they come from? Are they immutable?

The work began with a quick sketch of the word ‘reset’ by myself, which can be said to reflect my inward world when I think about this word at that time.

 In the process of interpreting this painting through textile language, I gradually found the differences of my subconscious understanding and expression of the external things in different environments and time. It explores the different feelings of joy, happiness, sadness and pain, and especially where they come from. This is a backwards process to find out as the time goes by, how the ordinary life influence our subconscious mind.

The project is using a variety of colours, materials and textures through a combination of two and three dimensional hand-weaving and jacquard samples, to tell my story of the ongoing transformation of memory and the subconscious.



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Textiles (MA)

Ziteng(Wisteria) Hu is a weaver and textile designer who comes from China and before her studies in RCA, she majored in woven textiles at Chelsea college of Arts. Her work mainly focuses on the relationship between human emotions, ideology and the environment that human live in nowadays through a combination of different dimensions of handwoven and Jacquard samples.Since she has been worked for a fashion company, Caishan and a textile company, Skytex in China during her study of textiles, her project encompasses both her study and work experience together to express her own story. 

A sketch of the word 'reset'&Thoughts


Jacquard sample (left)/Handwoven piece (right)


For the black and white Jacquard sample, it represents that my memory of passed time and also the environment I live, like cities (what the outside world has given us). I decides to use polyester to weave and also use two different weaving patterns.

The other hand-made samples in colours, which means the inside of us, like our emotions and the things make us fell relax, like natures.I set up a double wrap to weave some samples (which is like pockets)with distinct patterns and a sustainable yarn, linen.


Linen, polyester


6 inch wide (Hand-woven) / 0.5m*1m (Jacquard)
Material LanguageMemorySustainableTextiles

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